With a career spanning over two decades, I bring a wealth of expertise in procurement, training, and management. As the Director of Procurement at the University of Technology, Jamaica since April 2001, I have been entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of overseeing all acquisitions of goods, services, and works. This role has allowed me to demonstrate my strategic leadership in procurement processes and to consistently achieve optimal outcomes.

Notably, I hold certification as a CIPS trainer in Diploma Levels 4 and 5 since 2018, contributing to the professional development of fellow procurement practitioners. It is an absolute pleasure to impart my knowledge and experience with current Procurement Practitioners and people who express an interest but have little or no knowledge of the profession. The transformation is rewarding.

I am dedicated to driving innovation in procurement practices, creating efficiencies, fostering collaboration and contributing to the success of the organizations I serve. With a strong analytical mindset, effective communication skills, and an unwavering commitment to improvement, I am poised to make a meaningful impact in the procurement profession.

~ Mrs. Dennise Haldane
Director of Procurement | Certified CIPS Trainer | Procurement Expert